Tyler Packaging, a specialist supplier of flexible packaging for human food, pet food and garden products, has revealed that it has expanded its sales operations into Scandinavia, Russia and other countries.

The move comes after winning an array of orders from Eastern Europe and interest in the product portfolio.
Adam Kay, sales and technical director at Tyler Packaging, explains, “The expansion across Europe is an interesting time for Tyler Packaging. Our supply and distribution network has developed a great deal in the last couple of years and the demand for premium packaging in the emerging commercial markets of Eastern Europe has increased. Our research found that Scandinavia, Russia and Ukraine showed the greatest demand for our products, which is where the initial orders have been won.”
The move highlights Tyler Packaging’s desire to remain at the forefront of flexible packaging for human food and pet food.
Adam adds, “We are always exploring new ways to remain ahead of our competitors, whether it’s new technology, new materials, innovations or expansion into new regions.”
With patented technology such as Side-Rite sliders, laser-scribing, easy-open, flat-base pouches and numerous other high-quality flexible packaging options available (i.e. laminated pouches, laminated bags and sacks, laminated BOPP/PP woven sacks), Tyler Packaging has continuously used successful innovation techniques to build an industry-leading business.
Three-D imagery at the design stage of the packaging to assist client marketing departments to visualise designs and print layouts prior to printing is one of many facilities also offered by the company.
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