Davis-Standard will feature its recently introduced dsX technology at booth B130 during Converter’s Expo in Green Bay, Wis., including the high-value, pre-engineered dsX flex-packextrusion coating line and the innovative dsX s-tretch line for cast film.

The new dsX flex-packextrusion coating line (patent pending) provides converters and printers with a pre-engineered system that will give them distinct advantages in the price-sensitive global flexible packaging market. The high-value system can be delivered in as little as six months and is available in two layouts to accommodate almost any plant space requirements. The dsX flex-pack provides customers with all the capabilities and flexibility needed to compete effectively in a variety of rapidly emerging application opportunities including: salted snack and noodle bags, toothpaste tubes, sachet packs personal care products, condiment packs and standup pouches. Advanced computer technology, standard on the dsX flex-pack, continually adjusts the product profile for best performance and allows for remote access of the line for troubleshooting and updating over a secure internet connection.

The optimized dsX s-tretch pre-stretch cast film extrusion line is the first in-line pre-stretch system enabling customers to run thinner films at higher speeds, allowing stretch film providers to produce consistent, high-quality pre-stretch film with greater efficiency. The 2-meter-wide line has the advantage of a lower footprint, yet allows for growth. The dsX s-tretch system is comprehensive yet flexible – its pre-engineered technology is available in as little as six months with both five and seven-layer options. The line will be offered with environmentally-friendly coreless technology in the future, reducing both material and disposable cost.

The new dsX technology is representative of the many new innovations to be introduced as part of Davis-Standard’s Global Advantage initiative, helping customers gain a competitive edge by optimizing their ability to respond to the ever-changing needs of their markets. Davis-Standard has taken great care to merge its best technology into cost-effective, highly-engineered packages that are supported by regional engineering and service teams. Davis-Standard’s experts in extrusion and converting will be available to discuss these new offerings along with the company’s current technologically-advanced solutions to the global polymer industries, all with the goal of providing exceptional value for customers.


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