Eduardo Arellano, Comexi GroupComexi Group, a specialist in machinery solutions for the flexible packaging conversion industry, has reached a representation agreement with the company Creagraphics in Mexico. Under this agreement, Creagraphics assumes the promotion and sale of Comexi’s machinery and spare parts. Similarly, the Mexican company will manage a spare parts store itself under the name of Comexi Latin America, so that the post-sales service throughout the Mexico market is strengthened.

Creagraphics has a broad experience in the commercialization of printing equipment and supplies for flexo, gravure and offset. Founded six years ago by Eduardo Arellano, Creagraphics will act as an intermediary in the area of Mexico to respond with greater agility and efficiency on the already installed equipment, and identify new business opportunities in the field of flexible packaging thanks to its deep knowledge of the market.
Creagraphics representation will be led by Eduardo Arellano, Biochemical Food Engineer at the Technological and Superior Studies of Monterrey Institute, and MBA from the University of Las Américas (Mexico). Throughout his professional career he has held various senior positions in Smurfit Carton and Paper in Mexico and later in Praxair Surface Technologies, a leading manufacturer company of anilox.

Reinforcement of Post-Sales Service

Comexi Group agreement with Creagraphics will also consist in managing a spare parts store which, under the name of Comexi Latin America, will mainly cover the Mexican market. As a result, Comexi customers will have access to a local technical service that will support post-sales services, which will significantly strengthen maintenance and technical assistance tasks.
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