Perlen Packaging has developed an antiseptic coating for packaging films, Perlazid, which was awarded an "Oscar de l' Emballage" in 2013 in the Innovative Materials category.

The Lucerne-based company offers a solution with which the risk of infection to consumer by the container is minimized, particularly for medical containers used more than once. Surfaces protected with Perlazid are kept free of bacteria and fungi over a long period. As a result, the risks of accumulation and multiplication of germs at critical areas is reduced significantly, the company says.

“With this innovation, critical materials are packed safely and consumers are protected from infections,” says Wolfgang Grimm, CEO of Perlen. "Based on scientific findings and existing documentation we can prove that these coated films offer effective protection against germs for packaging of wound dressings, implants, tablet trays or contact lens containers.”

The antimicrobial coating convinced the 10-member jury panel for the Oscar, "because it represents a first-class solution for the safety of the consumer and a real benefit for active packaging."

Perlen Packaging
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