Plastic Technologies, Inc. says it is bringing its technical expertise to the Brazilian plastics and packaging industries.

In partnership with the Brazilian Plastic Industry Association (ABIPLAST), and supported by the Brazilian Packaging Association (ABRE) and the Packaging Technology Center (CETEA), PTI will conduct a technical training course on PET package manufacturing, May 13-15 at ABIPLAST’s headquarters, São Paulo, Brazil.
"PET Packaging: Technology and Sustainability" will be offered in three consecutive one-day modules: PET fundamentals (basic knowledge of PET materials, injection and blow molding processes, quality assurance); package design (virtual modeling, FEA, additive/barriers/colorants and other design solutions); PET sustainability (recycled materials and new biopolymers, energy conservation, solid waste management practices). For registration or more information please visit the website.
“Once again, ABIPLAST is pleased to have PTI share its knowledge with Brazilian companies,” says Paulo Teixeira, superintendent director of ABIPLAST.
Brand owners of packaged goods and packaging suppliers are constantly looking for technical resources to improve their manufacturing capabilities to meet the ever growing business need for efficiency and sustainability. Drivers include product differentiation, product line diversification and barrier/performance improvement.  The educational seminar is designed to help companies meet those goals.
“We are grateful to ABIPLAST for selecting PTI as a PET technology partner and are looking forward to helping Brazilian companies meet their packaging objectives,” says Scott Steele, president of PTI.
Registration is $1,350 for the entire course or $500 for a one-day module. A discount is available for ABIPLAST members. 
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