During InfoFlex 2014, Sun Chemical will introduce solutions designed for flexible packaging that increase pressroom efficiency and help packaging stand out on the shelf. 
At booth #501, Sun Chemical will launch a new multi-purpose ink system, a unique water-based flexo dispenser program, specialty coatings that engage the senses, a laser marking solution for variable printing, and digital plate technology which provides sharper images than standard plates.   
“Our customers want solutions that meet the high speed requirements of their press equipment, improve overall printing efficiency, and satisfy their customers’ requirements with packaging graphics that pop and grab attention,” says Tony Renzi, vice president of product management, packaging inks and North American inks at Sun Chemical. “Sun Chemical offers a wide range of solutions for the flexo market that take converters from concept to shelf to meet their individual printing requirements.”

Sun Chemical to Launch New Multi-Purpose Ink System Maximizes Pressroom Efficiency

Suitable for surface print applications on a number of the commonly used flexible packaging substrates, Sun Chemical’s new SunUno Solimax multi-purpose ink system will maximize press room efficiency while simplifying the overall print production process. 
The SunUno Solimax ink system is the latest generation of inks providing a single platform that can cover multiple end use applications. The ink system provides the shelf stand out and high quality packaging for today’s competitive industry and is intended for surface printing and lamination for various end-use applications, such as lidding materials, medical laminates and food packaging for confectionery and snack food.

Water-Based Flexo Dispenser Program Allows Printers to Make Process, Blending Bases and Spot Colors from the Same Dispenser

Narrow web tag and label printers that use water-based flexo inks can now decrease their overall bottom-line operating expenses in ink volume and ink costs by up to 25 percent with the new Sun Chemical Water-Based Flexo Dispenser Program. The water-based flexo dispenser is unique in that it can make process, blending bases and spot colors all from the same machine. 
The water-based dispenser joins the other versions of Sun Chemical’s highly successful Dispenser Program for commercial and NWTL printers, which allows NWTL printers to mix exactly the amount of solvent-based inks that they need, reduce their inventory and waste, improve color-matching consistency, and significantly decrease total operating costs.

SunVisto Advantage HS Inks Provide Superior Print Quality and pH Stability for Corrugated Stocks

Converters looking for inks that provide high print quality and color strength can benefit from Sun Chemical’s SunVisto Advantage HS, an ink that delivers both superior print quality and the pH stability needed for corrugated stocks. The ink line increases pressroom productivity by reducing the need for pH adjustments during long press runs. Contrary to typical water-based inks which lose pH during long press runs and lead to dirty print and ink build-up, SunVisto Advantage HS inks eliminate the concern of pH control from the beginning to the end of a production run.

Plate Technology Provides Sharper Images and Sustainable Solution for Flexographic Printers

Narrow web, tag and label and corrugated printers at the show will be introduced to SunGraphics high-definition flexographic plate technology, with Esko HD software and CDI high resolution imaging. Converters that utilize the HD printing plates can print with an image quality of up to 4,000 PPI resulting in expanded tonal range and wider color gamut to produce sharper more vibrant images and colors. 
Printers will also see the new Flat-Top Dot technology that prints with 30-60 percent less impression sensitivity compared to standard digital plates which allows for longer, cleaner, more consistent runs from beginning to end. 

Sun Chemical Specialty Coatings Engage the Senses

From metallic, glow-in-the-dark, fluorescent or photochromic inks to tactile, velvet feel and soft feel coatings that invite the touch of fingers, Sun Chemical’s SunInspire and SunScent specialty coatings can make products pop off the shelf and engage consumers.

Laser Marking Solution Meets Packaging Requirements by Using Low-Energy Laser

Sun Chemical’s SunLase laser-marking solution opens up a myriad of printing possibilities for flexible packaging printers thanks to an advanced color change ink technology designed for in-line patch printing and subsequent marking with lasers in line for displaying variable data on packaging, such as language changes, bar codes, competitions, and safety information.
For more information about Sun Chemical’s products on display during InfoFlex 2014, please visit booth #501 on April 28-29, 2014 at the Baltimore Convention Center.
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