green giant vegetables, resealable packagingGreen Giant Fresh says its packaging stands out with regards to style, form and message. The proprietary pouch design integrates the highest standards in resins and materials to ensure the perfect combination of form, feel and graphics. The distinctive graphics and standup merchandising catches consumers’ eyes and has proven to drive sales and profits at the shelf.

The resealable, grab-and-go package offers consumers and merchandisers unparalleled convenience. Cooking instructions, preparation tips and shopping lists are linked to the package through cooking icons and quick response (QR) codes which bring up the Green Giant Fresh mobile site.

Bringing a modified atmosphere package to categories and segments that are traditionally bulk and whole fresh improves shelf life and quality, while ensuring a food-safe, hermetically sealed environment.

After an initial test launch with Brussels Sprouts in 2011, Green Giant Fresh launched additional products over the past year including Sweet Baby Broccoli, Artichokes, Radishes, Butternut Squash, Avocados, Grapes and more to make it the most comprehensive pouch product line in the industry.

The company’s recyclable produce package uses 70 percent less carbon dioxide emissions and 66 percent less fossil fuel than many rigid containers and further reduces trash in landfills and pollution.

Green Giant Fresh has consistently shown that the right combination of packaging, brand and quality drives sales at retail.

Green Giant Fresh