Apex new anilox roll lineApex unleashes for the flexo industry the UltraCell series of anilox rolls and GTT – the successor to traditional anilox technology.

Attendees of the Flexographic Technical Association' InfoFlex show in Baltimore can also expect a peek at Apex’s bridge and plate sleeves for flexo printers, company officials say.

GTT: Consistency & Predictability

When it comes to flexo printing improvements, Apex believes in the following statement “Quality is nothing without consistency“.  What has been missing – until now – is a predictable ink transfer that guarantees strong densities, company officials say. The only ink transfer component that delivers predictable, consistent ink release is the GTT roll“. The patented scientifically designed open slalom ink channel geometry allows the ink to flow precisely onto a printing plate.
According to Dercilio Oliveira, chief printing process officer for North America: “With GTT, we truly believe, we enable Flexo to reach a higher quality level, which is needed to secure the future of HD flexo. GTT brings the needed predictability, especially in the case of expanded gamut printing”.

Traditional Anilox: High-quality in All Possible Engravings

For those printers who wish to print with the most precise traditional anilox technology Apex says it is offering its UltraCell and UltraCell+ conventional anilox rolls in all engravings, from LongCells, up to Channellox, Trihelical and Hexagonal, etc. 

Stock program: Fast and Easy

“Apex offers the largest inventory of stocked narrow web bases of all the most popular sizes with our unique lightweight, stainless-steel design for easy handling and performance. They are available in both GTT and Conventional Ultracell. Interested companies may visit the Apex stand to receive the complete overview,” says John Batistatos, sales director of label and narrow web, North America.

Bridge & Plate Sleeves: Accurate, Durable and New

Responding to marketplace demand for more precise and durable bridge and plate sleeves, Apex introduces this new product in the range to the North American flexo industry. Apex bridge and plate sleeves are produced using a brand-new proprietary composite and a manufacturing process that delivers the utmost precision, longevity and performance for all flexo sleeve applications.
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