Sun Chemical will introduce its full range of solutions that take brand owners and package printers alike from concept to shelf from a single source during the Best of Food and Beverage Packaging Conference.

Visitors of Sun Chemical’s booth #8 will learn about its low migration solutions to meet the strictest of compliance measures worldwide, specialty coatings that engage the senses, and other solutions that help brand packaging pop on store shelves. 
“Brand owners and package printers are looking for solutions that meet regulation requirements, avoid printing delays, maintain brand color consistency, and help packaging stand out on the shelves,” says Penny Holland, vice president of marketing of North American Inks at Sun Chemical. “Sun Chemical can offer all of these solutions to brand owners and printers. We are the industry leader of low migration technology, and our partnership with Pantone combined with our HD plate technology, help packaging pop and maintain color consistency. Combine all this with our ink and coating technology, and we can meet all the needs of brand owners and printers alike from concept to shelf.” 

Sun Chemical Low Migration Technology Offers Peace of Mind for Food and Beverage Packaging

Sun Chemical’s SunPak LMQ products help address the risk brand owners face in food and beverage packaging, where compounds from materials in the packaging structure can migrate into the food product or the surrounding environment. SunPak LMQ inks exhibit very low odor, off-flavor and migration levels, and offer a comprehensive solution to brand owners and converters who are looking for ways to address migration concerns for food, pharmaceutical and tobacco applications.
The Sun Chemical solution combines chemistry, press preparation procedures, lithographic guidance and analytical support to help converters meet the most demanding requirements. Printers and brand owners can request a free copy of Sun Chemical’s Low Migration Best Practice Guide at

SunInspire Specialty Coating Engages Senses

Sun Chemical’s SunInspire specialty coatings engage the human senses of sight, touch, and aroma. Using the SunInspire line of coatings, these special effects coatings allow product packaging to stand out on store shelves visually through: high luster metallic, fluorescent, glitter, pearlescent, as well as iridescent and soft touch or sandy feel finishes.
Packaging can pop off the shelf with SunInspire tactile coatings ranging from coarse and gritty to soft and smooth. Other coatings in the line can create an interactive experience with color shifting, reticulating, and other aromatic coatings.
For more information about Sun Chemical’s products on display during Best of Food and Beverage Packaging 2014, please visit Sun Chemical booth #8 on April 29 - May 1, 2014 at The Marquette Hotel in Minneapolis or visit
Sun Chemical
(866) 786-8144