Comexi Group gives Apex packaging award

Miquel Salvá, Comexi (left) and Carlos Juanco, Apex Group of companies

Every year, the Comexi Group offers a trophy to the one co-supplier that accomplishes best on several critical factors. A technical committee nominates three contenders and a selection of the Comexi Group chooses the final winner.

Together with two other suppliers, Apex Group was this year nominated for the award in the category “Co-suppliers and Carbon Fiber." 
On March 30, it was revealed that Apex won the award.
Carlos Juanco was present in Girona (Spain) on behalf of Apex to receive the award out of the hands of Miquel Salvá, Comexi’s corporate market director who says: “We offer this prize to Apex, for its innovation, high-quality, value products and commitment with Comexi’s strategy”. 
Willem-Jan Kersten, vice president of sales in Europe/Asia comments: “Apex is very honored to have won this prize, it is a token of appreciation for all our efforts and it confirms our strong relationship with Comexi Group.”
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Apex Group
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