Flexible packaging supplier Stand-Up Pouches has announced new supplier relationships, providing the company and its customers with more flexibility and control over the manufacturing process that drastically reduces long lead times and eliminates supply chain hassle.

Stand-Up Pouches offers a variety of standard packaging options as well as custom sizes to fit any needs. The pouches are ideal for food and beverage packaging applications as well as pet food, vitamins and supplements, health and beauty products, household cleaning and chemical products and a variety of other product packaging applications.
The expanded supplier partnerships allow Stand-Up Pouches to offer its customers the number of packages they need, when they need them, with custom, 10- to 12-color rotogravure printing. With processes in place to assure accurate order fulfillment and independent testing, Stand-Up Pouches is able to provide food-grade, FDA-approved packaging with price, quality and delivery advantages to its customers.
“The main benefit of these relationships is our complete control of manufacturing,” says David Marinac, president and CEO of Stand-Up Pouches. “Because timing is everything in business and there is tremendous upward pressure on food prices, as well as raw material prices, Stand-Up Pouches’ services have been able to help our customers keep price points lower with high-quality packaging at an extremely efficient price. These aspects serve the most value to midmarket companies that need to source packaging.”
Stand-Up Pouches can fill small orders of 5,000 pouches to larger orders for millions of pouches. The company will store customers’ extra inventory and ship it when it’s needed.
“Stand-Up Pouches will work with companies through the entire supply-chain process, from helping them place an order, to making the pouches, shipping them, storing them and making sure that they have exactly what they need when they need it,” says Marinac. “At our Cleveland warehouse facility, our customers’ inventory is within one day of anywhere in the U.S., and we will ship different quantities to different locations if that’s what the customer needs.”
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