MPS has announced a successful open house held May 14-16 at company headquarters in Didam, The Netherlands. Live demonstrations of the new EB flexo and EF multi-substrate presses were held to show how the two presses can benefit label print production processes, and both received a very positive reception from visitors. During the three-day event, MPS hosted over 120 existing and potential customers, partners, suppliers and media representatives from Europe in addition to South Africa, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Zimbabwe. 

During live demonstrations and educational presentations, open house guests were shown how the new EB flexo press is an ideal solution for short and long label print runs. Three unique features of the new EB were highlighted: Crisp.Dot Light which ensures a consistent print quality; iSet, a new MPS technology which features intelligent pressure settings; and iStop Technology providing zero waste at roll change. The EB was developed to deliver a high-performance, cost-effective press solution to print self-adhesive label jobs and includes MPS high-quality print standards.
Demonstrations and information-sharing sessions for MPS’s top-selling EF multi-substrate press were also well-received. The EF can convert a vast variety of different substrates and designs and is equipped with all possible converting options, including gravure and screen. During the live demonstrations, visitors were able to witness first-hand the ease of how job and material changes were completed, with minimum waste in material. 
Eric Hoendervangers, MPS commercial director and co-Founder comments: “We appreciate the number of visitors who took time to attend our open house last week. It gave us the opportunity to showcase our new EB and EF flexo press technologies and share our industry knowledge and capabilities with leading label printers. Our manufacturing floor was buzzing with conversations after each session, and feedback from visitors has been overwhelmingly positive. It was an overall success for everyone involved.”
MPS Systems BV