Commercial sheetfed printers looking to increase productivity, improve print fidelity and meet strict sustainability requirements, can now utilize Sun Chemical’s new SunLit Triumph Max commercial sheetfed inks.
The latest evolution of the line of inks are formulated for high speed printing and high abrasion resistance on a wide variety of stocks, thereby increasing productivity and print fidelity. 
SunLit Triumph Max inks come to color fast, reduce start-up waste, and provide the press stability needed to improve overall job consistency. Formulated to produce an abrasion-resistant film which works well on uncoated and matte type stocks, the inks dry hard enough to not scuff in finishing operations, which improve bindery handling on the paper substrates that are used. 
SunLit Triumph Max also has an extended water window, high trap efficiency, and very good print contrast — a combination of attributes that equal high quality print definition. SunLit Triumph Max inks are ISO2846-1 compliant, which allows printers to meet ISO12647-2 standard tolerances and enables their efforts to become qualified “G7 Master Printers.”
The new inks use renewable resources and bio-based materials, and contain less than 2 percent in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A proprietary blend of vegetable oils, vegetable oil derivatives, alkyds, and rosin-based resins are used to further enhance the overall press performance.
“Many printers are looking for systematic ways to enhance productivity, improve sustainability, and lower application costs at the same time,” says Brian Breidigan, vice president of product management commercial, North American Inks at Sun Chemical. “SunLit Triumph Max inks provide the print fidelity characteristics, sustainability requirements, setting speed and abrasion resistance properties needed to help our customers really push the productivity curve.”
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