The 2013 FPA Flexible Packaging Industry Compensation Report, produced by the Flexible Packaging Association, is a key benchmarking tool, which can be used by flexible packaging converters to compare wage and benefits data of their company to that of composite data for companies specifically in the flexible packaging industry. The Report provides industry data on wages and benefits for both hourly and salaried flexible packaging industry employees, overall as well as data broken down by company size, region, and primary manufacturing operation. Data provided in the Report is gathered from the 2013 Flexible Packaging Industry Compensation Survey due on June 13. The report typically covers a broad cross section of participating small, mid, and large FPA converter members.

A wealth of detailed compensation data is provided in this valuable benchmarking report which is only available to FPA converter members that complete and return the survey. Surveys are returned to a third party accounting firm to protect the confidentiality of all individual company’s hourly wage, plant and selected corporate salaried submitted data.  Other detailed information in the final report includes: Sales/Marketing—compensation practices based on base pay/commissions/bonuses, paid holidays, vacation practices, hourly union/non-union wage rate data, hourly shift differentials, average incumbents per position, average years in positions, and hourly/salaried benefits. For information on participating in the survey, please call FPA.

For more information about the 2013 FPA Flexible Packaging Industry Compensation Report, and other FPA benchmarking reports, contact Bob Zaborowski, director, Business and Economic Research at or (410) 694-0800.