White Graphics’ innovative and fresh packaging solutions are created using plenty of imagination and sophisticated production technology. With its dedicated staff of ten, White Graphics, headquartered in Downers Grove, Ill., produces flexible packaging, displays, cartons, pressure- sensitive labels, prototypes and sales samples. Among its clients are many well- known national corporations including M&M Mars, Unilever, Handi-Foil and Packaging Corp. of America.

To enable its short run and prototype production, White Graphics invested in a Roland VersaUV LEC series UV printer/cutter. The company values the VersaUV’s ability to print on a wide variety of substrates including the clear, white and foil films needed for flexible packaging designs.

“The VersaUV was the first machine we saw that was able to meet our criteria in terms of color accuracy, resolution, and the opacity of its white ink,” says Andrew J. White, president of White Graphics. “It affords our customers a complete solution at a reasonable price point.”

Decorative label production on flexible packaging is a small but important part of White Graphics’ business model. Traditionally, these requests come from the company’s consumer packaged goods clients, for whom this type of premium labeling is extremely important.

“Our CPG clients are operating in a highly competitive marketplace and we want to help them attract consumers to their products,” says White. “Customers looking for high-end decorative labels have been very impressed by what we can create on the VersaUV.”

One of the decorative techniques White Graphics employs is to simulate a hot foil stamp by using the VersaUV to print white ink over foil. “Roland’s white ink can flatten and completely mute the foil – our finished product looks like a white label with a hot foil stamp,” says Andrew.

They can also use Roland’s White ECO-UV ink to create an undercoat for full-color printing on foil and other materials, completing the design with a layer of ECO-UV clear coat to create a high-gloss finish.

Another decorative technique White Graphics employs is to simulate embossing by building up layers of clear gloss UV on the VersaUV. “The embossed look adds dimension to the design which gives their packaging a cutting edge advantage over the competition,” says White.

“Durable and flexible inks are an important consideration in flexible packaging design,” says Richard T. White Jr., CEO of White Graphics. “Roland’s ECO-UV inks have a lot of stretch to them so they don’t crack, yet the surface passes any rub test you can imagine.”

White Graphics uses spot UV to create vibrant and intricate designs. In addition, color-matching capabilities of the Roland are critical to the success of these projects. “The prototypes we run on the VersaUV are incredibly precise,” says White. “Our clients’ only complaint is that the prototypes are often better than the final production run.”

As a niche operator in the multi-billion-dollar packaging industry, White Graphics’ success depends on quickly and accurately producing complex packaging solutions for its clients. “With the confidentiality requirements implicit in a business like ours, we appreciate being able to easily run samples on demand that demonstrate the full range of our capabilities,” says Andrew. “It is also very satisfying to be able to produce creative labeling designs and accommodate smaller production runs that other shops simply cannot provide.”


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