Sanilox roll-cleaning systemEaglewood Technologies announces the Sanilox roll-cleaning system, an innovative, environmentally safe system, engineered by the makers of Sani-Blast systems. The system combines proven anilox roll cleaning with modern technology, officials say. The Sanilox system uses a touch screen interface to clean rolls in-line or off-line with the simple touch of a button. Programming includes features to operate the system in both English and Spanish, and to help monitor roll inventory by entering roll information to the touch screen interface. The system notifies the user when wear parts, such as a filter, need to be replaced in the system. The Sanilox media delivery system fractures the media to below six microns, which means the media reaches the bottom of the cell, ensuring the entire cell gets cleaned – not just the walls of the cells. The system can be quickly and easily transformed from an on-press system to an off-press system.


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