Goebel MonoslitThe Goebel Monoslit series comprises both Goebel Monoslit, with a working width of up to 9,000 millimeters, and the Goebel Monoslit Giant with a 12,000 millimeters working width. Both slitter rewinders are designed for a broad application spectrum. The packaging, capacitor and battery separator or optical films can be converted at a record speed. The innovative machine components reduce setup times considerably and achieve first-class results. When developing the Monoslit series, the Darmstadt-based company places particular emphasis not only on efficiency and quality, but also on occupational safety. The innovative razor blade exchanger of the series combines crucial benefits – now the exchange will be carried out by a fully automatic exchanger. This is a function that sustainably increases the safety within the company and minimizes the risk of injuries for the machine operator. At the same time, vital production time is saved with this automated change. The machine control of the Monoslit series also detects when a blade change is necessary. This prevents poor roll quality caused by blunt blades. At the same time, you get optimum use out of the blade durability.