QuadTech announces a partnership with Muller Martini Press Division to provide the QuadTech color control system with SpectralCam, for Muller Martini Alprinta V, Concepta and VSOP web offset presses.

The QuadTech partnership now enables Muller Martini customers to not only ensure accurate color information for the entire web and throughout the print run, but for the first time, automatically measure and control color on both paper and film.
Removing the previous common issues of web movement and substrate corrugation, QuadTech’s system now enables Muller Martini customers to measure precise color on film and provide exact reproduction of brand and special colors. In turn, this allows customers to enjoy the benefits of a streamlined workflow with faster make-readies and reduced waste.
“With 80 percent of Muller Martini presses purchased for printing on films, the ability to control color on these substrates has been a significant objective for the market,” says Stephan Doppelhammer, market manager for packaging for QuadTech. “We solved the issue by utilizing the key capabilities of our SpectralCam and web stabilizing technologies to compensate for web deviance, and achieve accurate color measurement on opaque, translucent and transparent films as well as on paper.” 
The QuadTech web stabilizer technology achieves this control by momentarily smoothing and flattening the film substrate, at full press speed, for accurate color measurement. The solution is also available to existing Muller Martini customers as a retrofit option, and typically provides a return-on-investment (ROI) within 1 – 1.5 years. 
Muller Martini presses are designed to meet the needs of brands today, who due to market pressures and changing retail dynamics, are now demanding shorter-run, faster-turnaround jobs.
To differentiate their products and increase sales, these brands increasingly use more complex designs printed onto more expensive transparent and reflective substrates. To provide consistent high quality print, automated press controls are essential in the ability of a printer or converter to ensure adherence to color standards, and deliver uniform products and reliability in repeat runs from multiple print locations. 
Prior to the availability of the QuadTech system, Muller Martini customers would typically use a manual process to measure color on films. This would be done by cutting sections from the web, usually during make-ready, and then at the end at changeover. As a result, color defects would often be captured too late, leading to costly production stoppages and substrate waste.
With the QuadTech Color Control System with SpectralCam, Muller Martini operators can now utilize a fully automated process for significant reductions in make-ready times and quick and easy, real-time, problem diagnosis. The system also automatically monitors and stores L*a*b* values as well as delta E, density, and dot gain data, for precise print copy and fast, exact setup of repeat jobs. 
Bernd Sauter, CEO, Muller Martini Press Division says, “We are delighted to partner with QuadTech. We strive to find partners that add value to our offering, and in this case, provide our customers with important quality and productivity improvements for increased profitability and competitiveness.
“With a QuadTech Color Control System with SpectralCam and web stabilizer installed on a VSOP 850 press in our Print Technology Center in Maulburg, Germany, we look forward to demonstrating these benefits to printers and converters first hand.”
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