Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics has announced that flexible packaging converter Ampac is now a licensee of PacXpert packaging technology, and is authorized to sell packages in North America.

Ampac will produce packages enabled by PacXpert technology and will sell the packages to its customer base under the Ampac CubePak name.

PacXpert technology enables the conversion of large rigid plastic containers to easy-to-carry, flexible packaging options. Dow trademarked the technology as PacXpertafter acquiring the global license to the innovative Smart Bottle technology on which PacXpert is founded.
"We look forward to working with Ampac as they become the first licensee of PacXpert technology to bring this unique advancement to North America," says Heather Turner, new business development leader at Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics in North America. "The technology positions Ampac and Dow as solutions leaders in the packaging industry with the ability to offer customers sustainability benefits and convenience."
The lightweight packaging design offers a fitment closure and integrated ergonomic dual handles, enabling precision pouring, easy reclosing and convenient carrying. While flexible, PacXpert technology is shelf stable and can stand upright or on its side once filled. The functional performance of the product is even more impressive with visually-transparent packaging that allows consumers to see the contents within and the opportunity to print on all four sides.
The PacXpert technology manufactured and sold by Ampac in North America under the brand name Ampac CubePak, has the potential for use in numerous household, institutional, food service and industrial applications including liquids and dry good products. The multiple environmental benefits reduce content waste by allowing consumers to achieve better product yield, and requires less raw materials during the manufacturing process when compared to rigid packaging alternatives. PacXpert technology containers can ship and store flat when empty, increasing shipping and warehouse efficiency by eliminating just-in-time delivery, and possibly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. When filled, the pouches form into a cube improving pack density. Also, when compared to rigid containers, this format uses less material and improves the product to package ratio.
"The Ampac CubePak's unique design and multi-functionality provides our customers with a solution for pourable products that will expand the flexible packaging market," says Millie Nuno, senior market manager of Ampac. "This cutting-edge technology enhances our flexible packaging portfolio which offers endless possibilities for differentiated applications."


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