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Toyo Ink America LLC, a member of the Toyo Ink Group, has launched to the U.S. market REXTA, a solvent-based flexographic lamination ink for high-pressure, high heat boil and retort applications. The REXTA laminating ink system is designed to meet the evolving demands of the packaging market for higher performance materials, processing efficiency for high-end flexo applications and consumer safety.
While the gravure process still dominates the retort market, the latest high-performance ink system from Toyo Ink solves the complexities of film lamination printing for retort applications on flexo presses. Leveraging its advanced resin synthesis technology, Toyo Ink labs in Japan developed an ink binder resin that offers higher heat resistance and adhesion versus other standard ink resins. This unique chemistry base enables it to withstand the rigors of the retort process and further optimize performance properties required by high-end flexible package printing, i.e. high graphic quality, temperature resistance and bond strength.
What’s more, REXTA offers an economical solution to package printers who are looking to expand into the high-end flexible packaging or for small-lot runs. "With print runs getting shorter and shorter, packaging converters are under pressure to maintain quality standards with greater speed and flexibility," explains John Copeland, president of Toyo Ink America. "The latest REXTA retort lamination solution from Toyo Ink addresses these challenges. It not only offers a cost-effective alternative to gravure, but also gives our customers a chance to expand into the growing flexible packaging field and diversify their package design solutions to their end-customers."
REXTA also incorporates food safety and resource conservation considerations into its design. Copeland adds, "We see more metal cans and glass jars being replaced by lighter weight or new high-barrier plastics and believe this trend will continue. Moreover, REXTA inks are also Swiss Ordinance-compliant and formulated to meet strict industry or legislative guidelines."
In addition to the REXTA retort lamination ink series, Toyo Ink America has newly introduced RIVET™, a solvent-based flexo lamination ink formulated for general-purpose packaging applications. RIVET exhibits excellent print quality, multiple film versatility and high performance properties. RIVET is designed for excellent bond values and superior solvent release. It provides superior adhesion with water, solvent and especially solventless adhesives.
The Toyo Ink Group, which has over a century of manufacturing and print expertise to its credit, was the first to commercially bring retort technology to the packaging market. A longtime leader in flexible packaging innovation throughout Asia, the company aims to strengthen its position in this sector in North and South America, a move in line with its regional expansion strategy.
"We're extremely excited by the possibilities REXTA and RIVET bring to our customers," says Copeland. "Toyo Ink America now offers a full-range of flexo and gravure systems for surface and lamination printing, from general-purpose to high-end retort applications, targeted at virtually every segment of the flexible packaging market. Moreover, both REXTA and RIVET will soon be manufactured here in the U.S., which will ensure a stable supply and reliable quality on a regional and global level."
For more information on REXTA, RIVET or other flexible packaging solutions from Toyo Ink, please contact Craig Roberts, technical manager, liquid inks, Toyo Ink America, LLC at +1-805-378-0033 x313.
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