Sun Chemical received HD plate certification by Esko for its SunGraphics HD plates.
In order to obtain HD plate certification from Esko, Sun Chemical must go through a rigorous approval process which is granted when samples are sent to Esko to be checked for smooth printed HD dots, increased density from micro-cell, and overall print quality. If Esko can see added benefit from utilizing HD plate technology, the samples are approved and the applicant becomes HD certified print vendors. Only a select few companies receive certification from the HD plate certification program by Esko. 
"Receiving HD certification from Esko confirms that Sun Chemical provides our customers operating in the wide web, folding carton, corrugated and narrow web tag and label (NWTL) markets, with the highest quality packaging graphics through the latest in plate manufacturing technology," says Kreg Keesee, vice president of graphic services at Sun Chemical. 
Sun Chemical’s platemaking facilities in Concord, Calif. and Maumee, Ohio manufacture high-definition plate technology utilizing Esko HD software and CDI high-resolution imaging of up to 4,000 PPI, resulting in expanded tonal range, wider color gamut and increased printed line screens per inch (lpi) to produce sharper more vibrant images and colors. 
SunGraphics also offers two different methods for producing Flat-Top Dot technology—the MacDermid Lux system and the DuPont DigiFlow/DigiCorr system. The MacDermid Lux system utilizes a membrane laminator for an oxygen barrier and the DigiFlow/DigiCorr system uses a nitrogen flow environment to create a flat-top dot. 
SunGraphics HD plates help to achieve higher ink densities, reduce or eliminate pin-holing, improve print quality in the shadow areas and for a smoother more uniform ink lay down for solid coverage.  
Combining HD benefits and the quality of flat-top dot plate technology increases a printer’s capabilities by printing with a uniform flat surface between the screens and solids, which creates 30-60 percent less impression sensitivity compared to standard digital plates and allows for longer, cleaner, more consistent runs with fewer stops for press adjustments and plate cleaning. 
The system sharpens images even further, allowing for smooth screen transitions to zero, reduction or elimination of hard edge highlight screen break, and decreased dot gain while minimizing the fluting effect in corrugated printing.
Sun Chemical offers HD plate technology to NWTL, wide web, folding carton and corrugated printers. With a 100 percent digital workflow from the front end art design process to the finished product, Sun Chemical can provide a complete package of offerings from design concept to consumer. The package could include everything from conceptual art creation, pre-press, color management, printing plates, inks, coatings, and consumables. By utilizing all of Sun Chemical’s services, printers can reduce the number of suppliers they use and obtain competitive pricing on plates, inks, coatings, etc.
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