RKW Danafilm filled polyolefin (FPO) filmstockChalk has a place in RKW Danafilms’ filled polyolefin (FPO) filmstock, often used in butter-stick wraps and wet-wipe packaging. FPO film blends conventional polyolefin and calcium carbonate at a rough 50-50 ratio. This innovative sourcing of materials leads to a reduced polymer usage, reduced energy consumption and the potential to downgauge or reduce film thickness compared to conventional filmstocks. Benefits of FPO don’t end with sustainability or streamlined productions. The filmstock’s high-mineral content translates to improved water and vapor barriers, good puncture resistance and excellent deadfold properties, or the ability to be folded in a specific manner and retain that fold over an extended period. Furthermore, FPO has an inherently matte finish, which has the potential to distinguish a product on the store shelf.


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