LumiLid brand of FDA-compliant polyester lidding filmsToray Plastics (America), Inc.’s recently expanded LumiLid brand of FDA-compliant polyester lidding films has been enhanced.  All LumiLid films are now FDA-compliant for use with oven temperatures of up to 400°F for 30 minutes.  LumiLid brand films incorporate specialty-performance film and sealant layers, delivering specified performance and seal-strength characteristics. They provide excellent oxygen barrier, have a low-seal initiation temperature and offer an environmentally friendly, solvent-free formulation that assures manufacturers that their customers will experience a pure, fresh food flavor. LumiLid films supply a clean, secure seal, even on pleated corners, to APET, APET-coated board, CPET, PP, HDPE and HIPS trays. In addition, LumiLid lidding films are printable and can be used to deliver a brand message. LumiLid films have a broad sealant range; excellent hot tack and thermal stability; and superior mechanical properties including high strength, dimensional stability, optical clarity and they handle well on high-speed equipment.


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