Flint Group 2014 sustainability reportFlint Group has announced publication of its 2014 Sustainability Report - providing comprehensive economic, social and environmental data, detailing the group’s strong sustainability performance over the last several years.

“I take great pride in the progress we made last year on our sustainability journey,” says Antoine Fady, CEO of Flint Group. “Flint Group has a long tradition of developing no-nonsense approaches to the things we do. This, combined with our passion for continuous improvement, makes us the company we are today. The hard work and spirit our employees have demonstrated over the last year has again provided some outstanding results in the field of sustainability. Perhaps more importantly though - is the fact that, this work will also provide us with a solid base that will enable us to make even greater strides in the coming years to meet our sustainable goals.”
Jan Paul van der Velde, senior vice president of procurement, sustainability, IT and regulatory, comments, “In publishing the 2014 report, Flint Group has again continued its drive to continually improve on the way in which we report back on our sustainable activities. Building on last year’s first report, you will find more comprehensive data on water usage and waste, and we have also taken further steps in detailing our carbon footprint relating to travel. There is also detailed information on Flint Group’s community involvement and fundraising programmes which continue to improve the communities we live and work in. What hasn’t changed is our approach and commitment to the sustainability agenda. At Flint Group we firmly believe that: ‘We say what we do and we do what we say.” 
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