Windmoeller & Hoelscher has sold the 100th Optimex blown film line to Canadian manufacturer, Les Industries Polykar.

The Optimex was launched in autumn 2009 as an affordable three-layer line to complement the established Varex blown film range at W&H. It offers state-of-the-art technology and film quality to a range of  manufacturers that wouldn't normally need the extreme flexibility offered with the modular Varex range. Since its launch, the Optimexhas been sold to film manufacturers worldwide.
Polykar's investment in the Optimex addresses customer demand for more complex films with high performance and tighter tolerances. The line is the company's first investment in W&H technology and is expected to be in production in autumn 2014.
In a July 2014 press release, Polykar announced an $8 million expansion to its manufacturing facility in Saint-Laurent, Montreal. This includes not only the new Optimex, but also an additional 30,000 ft2 to its existing LEED-certified facility (totaling 105,000 square feet) and new, cutting-edge recycling technologies.
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