Understanding that a company has a corporate strategy, as well as what it is, can really begin to tell the story of the company. Vertically integrated flexible packaging supplier Flair Flexible Packaging can help its customers in all aspects of the package.

Annual dollar sales: $100 million

Number of employees: 220

Number of plants:  Flair currently has five locations, including Calgary, Canada; Appleton, Wisconsin; Houston, Texas; Vancouver, Washington; Seoul, South Korea

According to Cheryl Miller, director of corporate operations, “As an integrated supplier, we are heavily involved in each aspect of the flexible packaging process. From the beginning, we work with our customers during the pre-production process to determine the appropriate film structure, conduct testing of the structure, send samples and produce art design for the packaging. We have instituted a highly detailed “rotogravure specific” Color Management System to ensure the final print product matches the customers print needs. Spot colors as well as process image colors are carefully processed and where necessary customized to ensure proper reproduction. Electronic verification proofs, color match proofs, CIE L*a*b* value referencing, and multiple quality checks throughout help to control the process and deliver color consistency on each order.”

“Once electronic and color match proofs have been approved, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that the film production, cylinder engraving, print and laminating or extruding processes are completed to Flair’s quality standards in creating the final product. Flair places a strong emphasis on meeting the latest food safety requirements, and we are actively pursuing GFSI certification,” says Miller. 


Spreading the Corporate Message

Flair Flexible Packaging has recently released a new graphic to connect the company’s documents, marketing materials and other informational media.

“Our corporate mission is to be a leading supplier of superior flexible packaging materials, technology, design and knowledge for food and non-food markets. Our goal is to provide excellence and innovation in integrated packaging solutions for our customers,” says Miller.

Flair’s new graphic, called the “Excellence in Flexible Packaging” graphic, will serve as a constant reminder of the level of products and services that Flair provides.

“As a fully integrated supplier of flexible packaging, Flair brings together high quality products supported by value-added services to guide our customers throughout the entire packaging process. From custom engineering and art design to production and rotogravure printing, Flair has the resources to support our customers every step of the way,” says Miller. 

With nearly unlimited custom engineering and custom rotogravure printing, the company wants to “make packaging ideas a reality.” The company has professional packaging engineers on staff who are dedicated to “manufacturing the safest, highest quality film and bags. Flair has state-of-the-art laboratory equipment that can analyze films to determine structures and to provide detailed film material content specifications, including the capabilities to reverse engineer packaging composition,” says Miller.

According to Bryan Saxe, marketing supervisor at Flair Flexible Packaging, “Flair offers custom and stock bags, pouches and films for a variety of food and non-food customers. This product selection includes various standup, vacuum and retort pouches, as well as lidding film, thermoforming film, M-seal bags and deli packaging.”


Printing Capabilities

And how is Flair helping its customers ensure the best in printing?

“Flair has instituted a Color Management System that encompasses the entire print process, being involved with everything from artwork creation through the final product print. Utilizing quality tests and sample checks throughout, Flair strives to control the color process and deliver the graphics that are requested. Electronic proofs, color match proofs, CIE L*a*b* values, and continuous quality checks throughout help to control the process and deliver color consistency on each order,” says Miller.

“Tested and rated highly by our customers, this process allows Flair to be deeply involved in matching the colors and final packaging arrangement to differentiate the product. All aspects of the printing process are certified in color management, including Flair, ink suppliers, presses and cylinder engravers.”

Saxe says, “Custom printed products are created by our in-house design department and high-quality rotogravure printing capabilities, while Flair can also custom engineer packaging solutions based on specific product requirements. In order to provide quick, easy ordering and shipping while keeping costs competitive, Flair also keeps on-hand inventory of a core group of our most popular products and sizes as part of our robust stock program. Additional features are available for consumer convenience, including easy open options, fitments, laser scoring, degassing valves, tin-ties, and more. As Flair operates in many different markets, it’s crucial that all appropriate guidelines and regulations are adhered to. Flair is dedicated to providing products that are food safe, and we are actively pursuing a GFSI certification to further comply with food safety and quality assurance regulations.”


R&D Improvements

Flair is able to offer its customers vast Research & Development capabilities, which can be tested at the company’s Science & Technology Centre in Calgary, and at its newest test laboratory in Houston.

“Having quality control and product safety testing machines on-site helps to ensure we are providing our customers with high quality products,” says Saxe.

A few of the company’s laboratory equipment/testing capabilities include:

  • MSA (Microscopic Analysis of Film Structure)
  • FT-IR (Fourier Transformation-Infra Red Spectroscopy)
  • DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)
  • OTR Testing
  • WVTR Testing
  • GS-MS (Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectroscopy)
  • Microbial Swab Testing


Product Offerings

Flair’s FLTR and FLTR Clear films are produced using a puncture, tear and slip resistant structure. “Our  innovatively engineered bag is a terrific substitute for multi-wall or poly-woven bags, which have historically been used to package bulk items,” says Saxe.

The company is also actively working on rolling out new products for future availability, including: 

  • Breathable thermoforming film: Flair’s breathable thermoforming films are specially formulated to withstand the rigorous thermo-packaging process. High oxygen transmission rates allow fresh meats to bloom before freezing, making this film ideal for packaging meat and poultry. The enhanced co-extruded film composition increases clarity and gloss, improving packaging display and customer appeal.
  • Dual-ovenable lidding film: Flair’s dual-ovenable lidding films are designed for use in both conventional and microwave ovens. They are ideal for ready meals, but include additional applications such as ovenable baking products and fresh produce where high clarity is needed.
  • Peel and reseal film: This lidding film will allow a container to be opened and closed up to 10 times, helping to keep the product fresh while adding consumer convenience.
  • Semi-rigid film: Flair’s semi-rigid films offer superior barrier properties along with high transparency, which make this film ideal for packaging processed meat products, sliced or cubed cheese, refrigerated meals and more.

“Flair is dedicated to providing exceptional customer support for companies of all sizes. We work closely with our customers to learn their business and provide them with the resources they need,” says Saxe.

Miller concludes, “We are dedicated to offering our customers the exceptional service and support they need while providing them with consistent high quality products. Aligning our vision and resources, we will continue to provide innovative products to meet our customers growing needs, with a goal to be at the leading edge of technology in the packaging industry.” 


Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation
Canada (403) 207-3226; USA (920) 574-3121