In the wake of new marijuana laws taking effect on Jan. 1 in Washington and Colorado, RODAWG looks to innovate and legitimize the cannabis marketplace with a line of storage solutions that are designed to exceed all safety regulations, while inserting refinement into the cannabis industry.

“We see these regulations as an opportunity to redefine an experience,” says Josh Gordon, RODAWG founder and CEO. “RODAWG considers itself a brand for people that are looking to bring a level of dignity and class to their preferred pastime, and part of that comes from mature, responsible design.”
RODAWG, fresh from a successful $500,000 fundraising pitch, offers full- service compliant packaging solutions for Washington and Colorado, as well as states where medical marijuana use is legal. These include discrete child resistant containers, beautiful yet fully compliant labeling, tamper-evident tape, and a white label service that works with dispensaries to create fully custom packaging solutions, fabricated from the ground-up in tandem with RODAWG’s design team.
Aside from safety, innovative design is how RODAWG plans to redefine cannabis distribution and presentation. RODAWG offers durable and stylish protection for a number of different consumables, from flowers to concentrates and pre-rolls. Even labels were put through RODAWG’s design lens, taking inspiration from high-end clothing and spirits brands. RODAWG presents a real alternative to the flimsy, candy-colored plastics normally found in traditional dispensaries and head shops.
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