Davis-Standard LLC has announced that Bob Preston is transitioning from company CEO to vice chairman of Davis-Standard’s board of directors. The search for a new CEO is underway as this change becomes effective Nov. 18.
In the interim, Davis-Standard’s daily operations will be managed by an office of the president, consisting of Mike Pisch, CFO; Todd Pearson, vice president of global operations; and Jim Murphy, vice president of global sales and marketing.
“On behalf of Davis-Standard’s board of directors, we recognize Bob’s tremendous contributions to the company including the creation of a strong Asia-Pacific presence, the introduction of several new market-focused products, and the development of an experienced management team,” says Greg Baylin of ONCAP. “As we seek his replacement, the important work of our company continues by focusing our collective talents and efforts on serving and satisfying customers.”
Preston is joining a materials company in the southwest US to become chairman and CEO. Preston remains a signficant individual investor in Davis-Standard and will continue to play an important role in the company’s strategic leadership.
“We wish Bob well in his new position,” adds Baylin. “We are pleased he is continuing his leadership involvement at Davis-Standard in the role of vice chairman.”
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