INEOS Barex AG notified American Packaging Corp. in late October 2014 their intentions to close the Barex plant in Lima, Ohio in the first quarter of 2015. 
The Lima plant is the sole INEOS facility that produces Barex resins, which are widely used in challenging packaging applications such as processed meat, medical and pharmaceutical, personal care products and various juice beverages.
Since the announcement, American Packaging has secured a minimum two-year supply of resin to ensure continuity of supply, as the company commercializes specifications that incorporate a suitable alternate to Barex. The reserved stock will be allocated to customers with binding commitments. In addition, American Packaging is working with film suppliers to gain access to additional Barex material, as requested by customers.
Two years ago American Packaging commenced development of alternative specifications with the same performance characteristics of Barex for the packaging of medical, pharmaceutical, personal care and challenging to hold products. These alternative specifications are ready for evaluation. American Packaging encourages its customers to begin the requalification process immediately, and to contact the company to secure additional reserved stock of the Barex film to ensure continuity of supply until an alternate specification is qualified.
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