Schur Star officials say the innovative Schur Fresh ‘n’ Go Packaging concept is on its way to revolutionize the presentation of fruit and vegetables at the point of sale in supermarkets.

This new packaging offers both creative marketing opportunities and strong environmental benefits at the same time. The concept was awarded at the Macropak 2014 and Sial 2014 exhibitions for its innovative character and waste reduction.

Awarded for Waste Reduction

During the Macropak 2014 packaging exhibition in The Netherlands, the Schur Fresh 'n' Go concept was chosen by the visitors, as best solution for waste reduction.The Schur Fresh ‘n’ Go Concepts, has increased the presentation of fresh produce products, while it is up to 80 percent less packaging material compared to the traditional way of packing.
Apart from the waste reduction, the Schur Fresh ‘n’ Go Concept also increases the transport volume on a pallet up to 100 percent compared to the traditional packaging material.
Schur has introduced Fresh ‘n’ Go first at Tesco supermarkets in UK. Tesco experienced a 20-30 percent sales increase on the products which were packed in a Schur Fresh ‘n’ Go stand-up pouch.This also resulted in a Tesco Special Value award for this unique packaging concept, which is currently rolling out in the rest of Europe.
"Even the use of new eco-friendly films is easily possible with our Schur Fresh ‘n’ Go Packaging Concept. By our extremely high degree of flexibility, the concept fulfills our customer needs of today and tomorrow," says Daniel Pastewka, head of marketing and internal sales of Schur Star Systems.

Sial 2014 Selection Award

An extensive independent consumer research showed that for the consumer, this way of packaging is highly attractive and gives them the final incentive to buy.
After introducing the first packs for Kiwis, the supermarket chain noted an increase of 20-30 percent in sales. This lead to a rapid rollout for other fruit and vegetables, such as tomatoes, mini peppers and fruit mixes.
During the Sial 2014 exhibition in Paris the packaging concept was chosen for the Sial 2014 Selection Award. The award is selection of innovative products within the global food industry.

The Schur Star Packaging Concept

The Schur Fresh ‘n’ Go Packaging Concept consists of the Schur Star packaging machine and the premade Schur Star bags.
Fresh ’n’ Go bags made by Schur Star Systems are mainly focused to provide a higher degree of convenience and more freshness for the consumer. As options, the Fresh ’n’Go bags can be supplied with a re-seal strip and Schur’s unique laser perforation for easy opening of the bag.
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