You are reading the newly-added December issue of Flexible Packaging. Things have been going so well for our magazine that we decided to add our December issue, making this an 11-time per year publication.

With this newly added issue comes an all-new cover story. We chose to highlight a Top Printer of the Year, to bring to light a printer that has really excelled in its business offerings. Popular Ink Corp. is this year’s recipient of this title, and it’s clear why: The company went from being a near complete loss to a very profitable and multi-million dollar company. It’s clear why – the CEO and his founding business partner have a drive for success deep in their belly. In both the interviews and the conversations that I’ve had with Dru Riess, founder and CEO, Riess seems to be ambitious and tenacious and passionate about his business. I have seen this kind of excitement that Riess holds for his business in others, and those types of people bring to the table success and prosperity. In my opinion, I believe that this company will only grow from here.

Following suit with the cover story, we built this issue with Printers of flexible packaging materials in mind. I set out to find new and interesting information on the printing process. We have an article on Offset printing using different pre-press techniques on page 22. Page 28 has a very informative article on how to avoid those voids and pinholes that occur with flexo printing. Rolls and Rollers is our Roundtable this month, with additional content appearing online at

I really hope that you enjoy this newly-added edition. If you have any feedback on how we can improve, please reach out to me via phone or email.

Until next time, Merry Christmas (or Happy Hanukkah) and Happy New Year!

Erin J. Wolford 


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