To meet customer demands for automatic control and high-end performance, Jinming Machinery has successfully developed high-end Superex series equipment, based on cutting-edge design philosophy and technology.

Superex blown-film lines use advanced processing technology, dies and runners, and a next-generation, high-efficiency multi-outlet cooling air ring independently developed and produced by Jinming Machinery to achieve high-degree automation and high productivity. Jinming Machinery is one of the few blown film equipment manufacturers using this technology in the world. Air-ring cooling is crucial to the output, quality and physical properties of blown-film products.
With the progress of film-blowing equipment technologies, the air ring design has been improved from the traditional one outlet and two outlets to multiple outlets, and from precision air rings to automatic air rings. Jinming Machinery’s proprietary next-generation high-efficiency cooling air ring has more than three outlets, and the air volume of each outlet is adjusted automatically according to the actual situation. The air ring can be lifted and lowered along the die axle center. The air flows through several sections to increase the contact surface with the film bubble, and thus prolonging the cooling time and improving the cooling efficiency. Besides, the pre-cooled film bubble will have higher melt strength. The air volume of the upper outlet can be increased without causing instability of the film bubble.
The SuperexT equipment with the next-generation high-efficiency multi-outlet cooling air ring has the following features:
Increase of output
Jinming Machinery’s proprietary next-generation high-efficiency multi-outlet cooling air ring increases the cooling efficiency by more than 40 percent compared with common air rings (or automatic air rings) with double outlets in the China market. As a result, the output of the production line will increase by 40-50 percent when the extrusion capacity is ensured. Testing data show that the production capacity of a 300mm die is up to 420kg/h, which is ranked at the top in the industry. 
Improvement of physical properties of film
After coming out of the die, the film bubble will first be pre-cooled at the lower air ring, and then blown up at the upper air ring so that the film bubble will have high strength and the products will have a high blown-up ratio. This cooling technique is similar to the POF and HDPE blow-up method. 
Steady product precision control
Automatic air ring technology is used in the design of the upper air ring for blow-up cooling control and an online film thickness measuring system is used for automatic film thickness control. Because the upper air outlet is away from the high-temperature die and the film bubble is pre-cooled, the precision control of the automatic air ring is less affected by external factors to achieve good control stability and high efficiency.
Improvement of product quality 
Different from the process in which the film bubble is blown up after being out of the die, the film bubble will not be blown up until it is pre-cooled. High polymer materials if stretched in quasi-viscous flow state will have a lower degree of crystallization, and thus the film transparency and mechanical properties will be greatly improved.
High cost performance 
Compared with traditional air rings, the next-generation high-efficient multi-outlet air ring increases production capacity by 40-50 percent but the manufacturing cost increases by only 40 percent. The newly-increased cost will be recovered by the electricity expenses saved in six months.
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