Until recently, many brands with small volume needs would not have considered shrink-sleeve labeling to be a viable decorating option.

Cost, and the fact that most shrink-sleeve labeling operations in the US are set up to accommodate much larger runs, were considered the primary obstacles. PA-based ActionPak Inc., a trusted contract packager to global brands for more than 30 years, is removing those hurdles with the introduction of short-run shrink sleeve labeling services. 
“Our facility has been specifically designed to accommodate small-to-large volume shrink sleeving services,” explains Ira Smith, CEO and president of ActionPak. “We can quickly and efficiently handle quantities from one dozen to one million units.”
With multiple lines of shrink sleeving equipment running at its PA-based facility, ActionPak is fully equipped for speed and the flexibility to accommodate both short runs for small and emerging brands and the small volume requirements of larger brands.
“Short-run shrink sleeve labeling can readily address a number of marketing challenges and needs,” says Smith. “Limited edition product versions, brand identity transitions, market testing, re-work cover-up situations, regional customization, as well as seasonal or specialty editions and cross-promotions are all scenarios where small-volume shrink labeling represents a viable solution.”
The company can also accommodate shrink sleeving of multi-packs, typically used for variety packages and club store pallet displays.
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