Gloucester Engineering ExtruTouchGloucester Engineering Co. Inc. will feature numerous products at its booth at NPE 2015, including many products designed to help blown film processors upgrade and ‘bring new life’ to their old lines.

One of the featured products at the GEC booth is the new ExtruTouch controls platform. ExtruTouch is GEC’s latest controls platform, custom designed for blown film systems.  It controls complete blown film systems including:
  • Vacuum loading
  • Blending
  • Speeds, temperatures and pressures
  • Gauging
  • Profile control
  • Safety
ExtruTouch combines the robustness of GEC’s prior generation controls with the latest technology and enhanced graphics. Based on B&R’s latest X-20 generation PLC, ExtruTouch comes with a large 22” color touchscreen that uses intuitive, easy to understand graphics.  It utilizes off-the-shelf hardware and includes:
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Remote access
  • Easy interfacing with other Windows-based applications
  • OPC compatibility for connectivity to common third party analysis tools.
Blown film processors can benefit from ExtruTouch in many ways, including:
  • It can be retrofit to any existing blown film line regardless of make or model, not just GEC equipment.
  • By using a third-party non-proprietary IO, processors know that support and updating will be easy and readily available; also reduced maintenance costs and reduced parts obsolescence.
  • Graphical front end makes training easy, saving managers time by training users faster.
  • Remote access for 24/7 ability to ‘look-in’ at processing data, and make adjustments if necessary.

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