Mamata Enterprises Inc. will be hosting its 2015 open house Jan. 19-30. The event will be held at 2275 Cornell Ave., in Montgomery, Ill.
The company will be exhibiting three of its machines, including the Vega W 800 wicketer, which will be demonstrating bread bags at up to 300 CPM, zipper bags at up to 200 CPM and ice bags at up to 200 CPM; the Vegaplus 1200 split-draw roll universal bag machine, which will demonstrate changeovers from side seal to bottom seal to twin seal, two printed bags at high speeds, and changeover from twin lane to single lane at press of a button; and the Vega 610 pouch-making system, which includes capabilities such as three-side-seal pouches, zipper pouches, standup pouches with plowed-in bottom gusset, standup pouches with insert bottom and zipper, quad-seal pouches from single web, quad-seal pouches with inserted gussets and grape/produce pouches.
Open house attendees can also bring in their own films for demo.
Call Mamata Enterprises to book your visit date at (630) 801-2320 (office) or (630) 885-0312 (mobile).


Mamata Enterprises Inc.
(630) 801-2320