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Sun Chemical's troubleshooting app helps customers solve flexographic, sheetfed, paper packaging, gravure and/or energy-curable printing issues. 

Sun Chemical has further enhanced its online troubleshooting guide by making it available as an app for mobile devices.

Designed to help customers resolve common technical defects that can arise during a press run, the troubleshooting app, available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, provides solutions to help customers solve any challenge they may be facing with their flexographic, sheetfed, paper packaging, gravure, and/or energy curable printing issues. 
After choosing the printing process, the app uses both photos and defect terms (dot gain, pinholes, feathering, comets, etc.) to help the printer identify which technical problem they are facing. Then they can read the solution provided by Sun Chemical to resolve their particular challenge. 
“We want to provide our customers with a useful tool that helps them troubleshoot issues that can occur on a press,” says Penny Holland, vice president of marketing for North American Inks at Sun Chemical. “Our customers need to keep their pressrooms running smoothly and limit downtime. This online and mobile solution can help them resolve problems. It is just another way that we are working for our customers.”
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