Indevco Plastics Inc., a business unit of Indevco Group, has launched operations with the acquisition of its first manufacturing facility in Longview, Texas.

In partnership with investment advisory firm, Arion Partners, and with the support of Longview Economic Development Corp., Indevco Plastics has committed to make a significant investment to equip the Longview, Texas facility with new, state-of-the-art equipment.

As the global leader in petrochemical packaging, Indevco member companies sell a broad array of packaging to petrochemical companies in over 40 countries. For the past seven years, Indevco has established a significant presence in the U.S., serving the petrochemical industry with imported flexible packaging from member companies. With the expected surge in polymer exports, Indevco decided to set up a direct manufacturing presence in the U.S. to provide the petrochemical market with a “one stop shop” for its packaging needs.

Indevco Plastics will offer clients high-quality and cost-efficient packaging by leveraging seamlessly off manufacturing platforms in the two lowest feedstock cost areas of the world: the U.S. with the new plant in Longview, Texas and the Middle East through sister companies in Indevco Group. It will also reinforce the group’s leadership position in the industry by introducing technical innovations to optimize customer packaging platforms and drive sustainability initiatives.

“We are excited to establish a leading edge manufacturing presence in the U.S. Our Longview facility will be well equipped to deliver our customers a high-quality, cost-efficient and cutting-edge packaging solution,” says Robert Laird, executive vice president of operations.


Indevco Plastics Inc.