Toray Plastics America LumiLid lidding filmsToray Plastics (America) Inc. announces the introduction of new bio-based lidding films. LumiLid bio-based, dual-ovenable lidding films are manufactured with Toray's proprietary sustainable resin blends, which are made with more than 50 percent renewable feedstocks.

Bio-based LumiLid films were created to lessen the impact on the environment, as they use fewer petroleum resources while they are being manufactured, and to meet the needs of environment-conscious end users and consumers. In addition, like all LumiLid films, these are solvent-free and may alleviate end-users' concerns about solvent retention, as well as enhance the films' sustainability profile.
The new LumiLid films are designed for frozen, wet and dry food, and dairy applications. They are FDA-compliant for use with oven temperatures of up to 400°F for 30 minutes. LumiLid films are also certified by Interstate Milk Shippers, so they offer another level of assurance for dairy customers.
"The next generation of innovative, bio-based film technology has arrived," says Milan Moscaritolo, senior director of sales and marketing for Toray Plastics (America). "The option to choose a bio-based lidding film that has so many advanced features and such high-performance capability presents a unique opportunity to end users and converters."
LumiLid bio-based films have the same superior performance qualities that are characteristic of the LumiLid brand. They have a low seal initiation, broad seal range, outstanding seal integrity, and an easy peel. They are available in clear, white, and metallized formats.
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