NPE2015 will be the occasion for Nordson Corp. to introduce to the marketplace of the Americas a unified, global strategy encompassing all of the technologies in its polymer processing range, which includes four well-established and respected brands of production-line components for melting, homogenizing, filtering, metering, and giving shape to plastic and fluid coating materials.

At the Nordson exhibit, all four brands will be represented by new technologies, including a breakthrough Nordson EDI flat-die mechanism for sheet extrusion, new Nordson BKG equipment designs that increase throughput in underwater pelletizing, Nordson Xaloy plasticizing units that solve special problems in injection molding and extrusion, and Nordson Kreyenborg melt filtration systems that reduce downtime in extrusion, compounding and recycling.
Nordson Corp., a publicly traded multinational with annual sales of nearly $1.7 billion, began acquiring these brands after the last NPE and has now integrated them into the Nordson polymer processing range of products, combining more than 200 years of experience with polymer processing technology. 
“Nordson has put into place strong regional leadership, local production capability, support infrastructure, and sales and technical teams to provide customers in the Americas, Asia, and Europe with comprehensive solutions for all of their needs,” says John J. Keane, Nordson senior vice president. “All of our melt processing components will be available through Nordson offices worldwide and can even be sourced together as part of a package system.”
Nordson Corp. directly operates facilities in nearly 40 countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Thirteen facilities dedicated to the design and manufacture of polymer processing products are located in the United States, Germany, Belgium, Japan, China, and Thailand. There are also extensive polymer processing laboratory, technology, and training centers at four facilities in the United States and Germany.  
“Nordson specializes in components for melt processing systems and works in partnership with processing companies and with extrusion and molding equipment OEMs,” says Keane. “This specialization involves us in critical phases of melt processing and includes the screws and barrels that generate the melt, the dies that give shape to film, sheet, coatings, or pellets, and other critical components such as filtration systems, pumps, and valves. As a result, Nordson is well positioned to help customers optimize their process, increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance product quality. We give equal weight to sales and service.”
Reinforcing this emphasis on service is Nordson’s substantial commitment to investment in local infrastructure, notes Keane.
“Nordson’s way of doing business is to operate in each region of the world as a local company that is backed by a strong central organization but engages customers in their own language, culture, and time zone,” he says. “Our goal is to make products globally to improve service and shorten lead times, and we already have the leadership and infrastructure in place worldwide that enables us to do this.”
Regional Nordson polymer processing organizations are in place for the Americas, Asia, and Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. In every region, Nordson has employed a strategy of focusing more closely on the processes in which customers actually employ Nordson’s polymer processing products. Each of the sales teams in a given region is dedicated to a specific family of applications: extrusion, injection molding, and polymerization / compounding.  
As a highly diversified manufacturer of precision systems, Nordson invests heavily in R&D and holds thousands of patents. Over the past three years, Nordson has accelerated new product development within the polymer processing range, as demonstrated by the innovations on display at NPE2015. In the months following the show, Nordson plans to announce more new products and improvements in existing systems for polymer processing customers, according to Keane. 
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