Flxon Inc. SWEDCUT doctor bladesFlxon Inc. reports that Sweden-based Swedev AB, has been recognized as a full HD flexo-certified partner by Esko in recognition of advancements made to their SWEDCUT product line.

According to Flxon spokesmen, Ryan Sharkey, “This recognition follows the successful North American launch late last year of MFlex Plus, a new grade of precision ink metering steel within the SWEDCUT brand.”
“MFlex Plus is an entirely new grade of super refined, low impact steel that achieves extend blade life while being less abrasive and wearing to an anilox surface. The fact that it’s not a coated material means a lot to the value of this new material, especially for use on long runs”, says Sharkey. 
Sharkey adds that MFlex Plus users report blade life to be considerably greater after switching from coated or hardened blades. He also says reduced anilox damage and wear was also reported.
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