Emerald Packaging was recognized by the Flexible Packaging Association with three 2015 Flexible Packaging Awards: a Gold Award in Printing and Shelf Impact for a pouch printed with the new HP Indigo 20000 digital printing technology, a Silver Award in Packaging Excellence for the Organic Girl Three Heart Romaine standup pouch, and a Silver Award in Sustainability for a potato starch-based film used to make potato bags.

The digitally printed package features a series of three unique high-fidelity graphics printed in-line with zero print waste between each package. Printing was done without printing plates facilitating the fast turnaround required to be first to market. The PET/PE laminated stand up pouch with a zipper closure was laser scored for easy consumer access. 
The Organic Girl Three Heart Romaine standup pouch is a two-layer standup pouch with a handle that makes it easier for the consumer to grab off the shelf. It features a Velcro closure to make the package easy to open/close and a matte finish, which helps it stand out in a graphics saturated produce section. The package replaces a traditional clamshell, and its stand up position helps catch the consumer’s eye. This design has led to a significant gain in market share for Organic Girl and higher romaine sales at the grocer. Anti-fog prevents moisture build up on the inside of the bag and allows the consumer a clear view of the product.
The potato starch-based film used to make potato bags represents a significant breakthrough in sustainable films. The film is comprised of a 25 percent potato starch resin, 75 percent polyethylene mixture developed by Emerald Packaging and Biologiq of Idaho Falls, ID. The film is stronger than the 100 percent polyethylene-based film typically used for potato bags, allowing for downgauging of up to 10 percent. This film has many other uses, including as a white sealant layer and other packaging that doesn't require absolute clarity.
Kevin Kelly, CEO of Emerald Packaging says, "All of the competing FPA entries represent the best of the flexible packaging industry in printing, technical innovation and sustainability and Emerald Packaging garnered three of the 23 awards given. We are very proud of that accomplishment."
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