The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) representing more than 700 companies and owner and producer of the Pack Expo portfolio of trade shows, has appointed Patricia Andersen of Delkor Systems as its first female chairperson to lead a PMMI committee.

The mission of the Education & Workforce Development Committee is to en­sure the strength and growth of the packaging and processing supply chain workforce through education as well as talent development and talent acquisition. That goal is supported by a variety of program initiatives that are targeted at developing incumbent workers and attracting young people to work in the industry.

“We are in a period in the United States where manufacturing is flourishing but serious concerns abound about the ability of employers to fill critical positions that require a post-secondary technical education,” says Andersen. “There are 75 million baby boomers (born between 1946-1964) who are on the verge of retirement and for the next 15 years an average of 10,000 people each day will reach 65, which has historically been the age of departure from work. That’s a trend with profound economic consequences. A shortage of technically skilled workers is looming and we need to find creative ways for employers and educational institutions to partner in their efforts to attract and train Americans with the skills employers need. That includes finding opportunities to expose young people to the skilled trades through hands-on apprenticeship and internship programs.”


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