Velcro Industries has announced that Dr Teal’s has integrated the Velcro brand Press-Lok closure into the packaging of its range of Epsom salt bath soaking products. This partnership marks Velcro’s expansion into the wellness and beauty category for its inventive and proprietary closures.

Dr Teal’s officials say the company prides itself on providing the best quality and cut of Epsom salt by using premium Magnesium Sulfate USP grade with luxurious essential oils. Utilizing Press-Lok ensures freshness while allowing for easy alignment and secure fastening, ideal for the packaging containing Dr Teal’s fine-grain, therapeutic Epsom salts.

Press-Lok is a proprietary closure that was developed for the fast growing flexible packaging market. The unique closure offers easy alignment that allows consumers to fasten without precise line-up, securing the package with great burst strength.            

“Partnering with Velcro, a trusted, global brand, is a great fit for Dr Teal’s therapeutic solutions,” says James Stammer, CEO of PDC brands. “The addition of Press-Lok technology to Dr Teal’s Epsom salt products ensures exceptional product quality each and every time!”

Chris Lerra, senior business development manager of packaging for Velcro Industries, says: “Consumer product brands around the world are recognizing that a convenient closure increases overall product value and appeal. We are thrilled to continue to announce adoptions of the Press-Lok closure and move into the wellness and beauty space through this fantastic new partnership with the Dr Teal’s brand.”

The closure is available on all of Dr Teal’s Epsom salt soaking products in the 6-pound and 3-pound bags. Dr Teal’s is available in the bath section at mass market retailers nationwide including Walmart, Walgreens and Target.


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