Essentry Specialty Tapes Duraco RedEssentra Specialty Tapes (formerly Duraco Inc. and Duraco Express) introduces its new versatile double-sided clear film tape, Duraco Red. The company says this new family of premium tapes was developed as an ideal solution for: permanent bonding, especially in hard-to-adhere applications, such as UV coated materials; accurate positioning of a transparent tape over graphics or text; revealing the graphics during and after application of the tape; use in high temperatures; applications where a thicker film tape is required. Duraco Red’s release liner and permanent tape are both transparent, allowing the user to accurately position the tape while applying it to a surface with graphics or text. Once the red liner is removed, the graphics will show clearly through the remaining tape. The adhesive will not yellow, and it minimizes any hazy appearance. It will maintain the aesthetic value and readability of the underlying graphics or text. 


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