DG press will host a three-day open house event from June 16-18 to officially launch its Thallo web offset printing press. A five- and seven-color Thallo will be presented alongside a table-top with suppliers who will show their latest innovations. Furthermore, there will be a cooperation with the IST UV-days in Germany. The event is at DG's facility in Hall, The Netherlands.

Thallo is developed to provide printers a cost-efficient and sustainable way to print their flexible packaging in the highest quality. DG has decided to focus on the flexible packaging market, due to current market trends and its 20 years of experience with web offset on film. The company can also assist flexo and rotogravure printers in the transition to offset.

More detailed information about the open house will follow. For more information and to register, e-mail marketing@dgpressservices.com or fill out an online registration form here.


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