Daetwyler has entered into agreement with NANOVIS GmbH, a Swiss-based company, in order to provide sales and service throughout North America for the innovative Type NWC integrated recycling parts cleaning washer. Designated the NANOCLEANER Type NWC, the machines effectively clean removable parts of open and closed flexographic printers, such as ink pans, fountain rollers, squeegee rollers, and chambered doctor blades using minimal spray pressure. Mixing spoons, putty knives and other small articles associated with printing operations can also be cleaned. UV (ultraviolet), water and solvent-based flexographic printing inks, of all currently known manufacturers, can be safely removed by choosing one of two programmable cleaning processes. The cleaning process is fully automatic which enables operators to focus on other tasks. 

“We are excited to have NANOVIS cleaning systems as part of our Cleaning Technology portfolio of products,” stated John Faulkner, sales manager, Cleaning Technology. “Our customers will benefit from this progressive and environmentally friendly all-in-one cleaning process. Since this process does not utilize caustic cleaning solutions, it provides end users with both environmental and economic benefits.” 

Available in three sizes, the NANOVIS Type NWCSystems use a filtered “never-dump” cleaning agent. This solution is non-volatile (VOC-free) and completely recyclable. Due to an integrated recycling system, the cleaning solution never needs to be replaced, saving time, reducing consumable costs and eliminating disposal costs, all while providing personnel safety and environmental protection. Due to the low emissions, no air extraction is required and the system can be installed in any location without special protective measures. Operation and maintenance of the system is straightforward, thus keeping operational costs low.


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