Optimum LogoBloomer Plastics acquired Optimum Plastics in October 2014 and this new, combined company will now be known as “Optimum Plastics,” a move that maintains the significant brand equity that Optimum Plastics has established over the last 20 years while relying on the business practices, service processes and technology infrastructures that Bloomer Plastics is renowned for.

Using “The Power of Innovation” as its guiding principle, Optimum Plastics’ future direction will be guided by Kevin Keneally, the former CEO of Bloomer Plastics and now the CEO of the combined organization. Bloomer Plastics, established in 1971, is a cast embossed film production company with a focus on customization and specialized engineering of value-added film and extrusion laminated structures.

“The acquisition of Optimum Plastics is the ideal synergistic complement to our existing business,” said Keneally. “Optimum Plastics is a 3-layer and 9-layer blown film provider with a significant position in the packaging industry, as well as the automotive industry. Now, we can produce the perfect film solution for clients and prospects of both companies regardless if they need a cast or blown product.”

The company has launched a new website, www.optimumplastics.com, that highlights much of its new messaging and brand identity.

Keneally indicated that the company will continue to focus on their proprietary Innovation Process, which allows Optimum Plastics to work closely with customers to create customized products that are first-to-market. According to Keneally, other critical areas of focus will be the company’s commitment to providing value-engineering services to clients, Optimum Plastics’ extensive knowledge about material science in general and resins in particular, their long-standing tradition of superior quality and service excellence, and an aggressive plan to maintain and build on their organization of top industry talent.


Optimum Plastics