Tidland has been awarded the 2015 AIMCAL Technical Excellence Award for its 360-degree blade guard.

The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators awarded the blade guard for its automatic action, eliminating the possibility of guard placement being overlooked when the knifeholder is off the machine.
“When we designed our e-Knifeholder and 360 Degree Blade Guard, we stepped back and asked ourselves how we could make it safer for operators and minimize their risk of being cut,” says Sean Craig, general manager for Tidland. “Our solution was a 360 Degree Blade Guard that completely covers the blade when it’s retracted away from the anvil so there’s no risking an operator cutting themselves on a very sharp knife blade.” 
Standard on all e-Knifeholders and available as a retrofit for Tidland Performance Series Knifeholders, the award-wining 360-degree blade guard protects operators from sharp blades during setup and changeover.
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