SAM has received the 2015 Technology of the Year Award, presented at the AIMCAL Management Meeting held March 19-21.

AIMCAL reviews many innovations and advances made throughout the industry and recognizes the company with the most significant new technology having an impact on the converting industry or the consuming market.

The patented slot die coating system was developed in SAM's SPEL - Sungan Printed Electronics Laboratory (SAMLab 1). The system is designed to achieve thin and uniform coating profiles, and in real time monitor the meniscus of the slot die. In the case of stripe coating it also monitors and controls the alignment of overlay coating stripe patterns.

This unique design inside the slot die cavity ensures a thin, uniform coating profile while an integrated process monitoring system maximizes product quality and consistency. On-line cameras monitor the meniscus in real time as well as the alignment of overlay stripe patterns. This development will ensure process repeatability and minimize the required operating skill.
Applications include functional coatings on packaging substrates and electronics, optical films, barrier films, printed electronics and fuel cells.
Judges were impressed with the integrated process monitoring and control and noted, “Slot die technology impacts many industries.” They predicted the system would extend the range of products that can be coated roll-to-roll. “It seems like a simple approach to complex idea,” commented one member of the panel.
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