TC Transcontinental Packaging, a division of TC Transcontinental Printing and TC Transcontinental Packaging, is proud to announce that it was honored with three PAC Global Leadership Awards — one Gold and two Silver Awards — at the PAC (Packaging Consortium) gala on Wednesday, April 22, at the Mississauga Convention Centre, in Mississauga, Ontario.

In the “Brand Marketing – Revitalization, Non-Food” category, Transcontinental’s Optium team won the Silver in pre-press for the packaging of “Reflex”, windshield wipers, produced for its client, Canadian Tire, a major retail chain in Canada. In the “Flexible” category, this same team took Gold in pre-press for the multi-product dual-packaging of “Pronto PackTM Duo Pouch”. Still in the “Flexible” category, the Transcontinental Capri team, whose plant is located in Missouri, USA, won the Silver for printing of the “Chuck E Cheese” packaging of cheese sticks, distributed by Schreiber Foods, an American dairy company.

“We are quite proud of these distinctions and are eager to share them with the employees who earned them,” states Brian Reid, president of TC Transcontinental Printing and TC Transcontinental Packaging. “These awards confirm their talent and the performance of our state-of-the-art facilities as well as the quality of our products and services. Our multiple skills allow us to stand out in the market, and we would like to thank the organizers of the PAC Global Leadership Awards for recognizing the excellence of the work produced by TC Transcontinental at this special evening.”

The PAC Global Leadership Awards are a major industry event where excellence is celebrated by peers who come together to applaud the achievements of their colleagues active in all formats of packaging, in branding and graphic design, in technical aspects and in sustainability.


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